Lily and I

As I write this, a soft snoring emanates from a dog kennel behind me. Lily’s asleep, finally.

Two weeks ago last Sunday, I picked Lily up from the Lawrence Humane Society. She’s a 7-month-old puggle, a pug/beagle mix. She’s adorable and she’s ornery as hell.

When I researched the puggle hybrid, I found that they tend to have the beagle’s energy and love of tracking combined with a pug’s sweetness and obstinance. If Lily (or “Lily Pad,” as I call her, because her security toy is a stuffed frog) is anything, it’s obstinate.

In another week or so, Lily and I will be heading to puppy training class at Petsmart. Lily’s made great progress so far. She can sit and shake, is finally recognizing her name and is juuust about housetrained. We definitely need to work on some obedience and chewing issues.


Lily. Looking far more innocent than she actually is.

Compared with some horror stories I’ve read about puggles, Lily’s a breeze. However, she does have her little idiosyncracies. She loves chewing on the rocks from my mother’s tree pot in the living room. Lily might be sleeping in her bed at one moment and chewing through it in the next.

The biggest mystery of her behavior is, bar none, her FRAPs. What’s a FRAP? I had no idea until I researched it after Lily had already had several. Basically, a FRAP is a Frenetic Random Activity Period. In layman’s term, the puppy (and it’s almost always almost-adult puppies) goes bat guano insane for a few minutes, running furiously throughout the house, jumping on furniture and generally expelling energy.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, we can take Lily outside more and for more walks. I’m hoping her class helps her (read: me) with some of her behavioral issues.

I’ve thought, “What the heck was I thinking?” several times since we’ve gotten her. It’s usually after she’s had a FRAP or when I’ve had to take her outside to do her lady business at like 4 a.m. Then she cuddles up to me on the couch or does something cute and I forget all about it.

Sadly, I think she’s probably MY alpha.