One week in

It’s been about a week since I set up shop in D.C., and things are going great. I’m catching on at work and really enjoying my new co-workers and the work I’m doing for Pro. I’m especially excited for the legislative recess to end and for the new verticals to launch.

I have also been exploring Petworth, my residential neighborhood, and other parts of the city. In the past week alone, I’ve discovered new pubs, restaurants, shops and coffee houses. I went to a party in the Shaw neighborhood last night and met new people, and I’m making notes of fun upcoming events that I see on Twitter (such as a September ice-cream expo at Union Market in NoMa).

I really love the city so far. There’s so much going on, so many little intricacies that differentiate the neighborhoods, and so many people doing a lot of cool things. I’m following the political scene with one eye and the food scene with another. I’m excited to keep trying new things, and hope to continue making the most of my time here, both personally and professionally.


I have arrived!

After a stressful week of packing and making furniture arrangements, I finally made it to D.C. last night. I unpacked my boxes (both arrived in good shape) and got my bedroom put together for the time being.

After crashing on the couch at my new house, I had my bed delivered and got it made with relative ease. I did a dry run to work to gauge the time and went grocery shopping. My next major investment, I decided, will be a little shopping caddy thing, like what we take to the farmers market.

I’m getting on well so far with the roommates, and getting myself familiarized with POLITICO Pro’s stylebook. Tomorrow I’m doing another run into work and meeting with some friends for dinner or coffee or something.

Work starts Monday and I’m nervous and excited. I’m glad to be back on a set routine again and working as a journalist. I’m hopeful that I’ll make more new friends and have people with whom to do things. I’m planning a weekend trip to Boston in October, and heading to Vermont in November to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents.

My first 48 hours as a Washingtonian have been pretty good. Knock wood.