The Writing Bug

My dad suggested that I start writing again the other night, and I’ve been thinking about it. If nothing else, it’ll help keep me productive. It’s something to do. The vast majority of what I’ve written in the past four years has been an academic paper or a news article or an editorial. Some easy fiction might be good for the soul.

I haven’t written much in a while, not since my intermediate reporting class. My work at the Kansan was mostly about editing other people’s work, not producing my own. I wasn’t able to take reporting, mainly because my management position didn’t give me the time (and the paycheck won out, sorry to say).

When I was younger I used to write short little stories all the time, but nothing fictional’s come out in a long time. I don’t like talking about what’s knocking around in my head, mainly because I have this superstition that if I tell someone what I’ve started, I’ll never finish it.

If I had to judge my writing, I’d say my biggest weakness is probably my severity.  I come off as very intense and heavy, and I’d prefer to be more easygoing and colloquial. I think it’ll just take practice, so maybe I should do what my dad suggested and … practice.


One thought on “The Writing Bug

  1. Very true. Beyond that, I live by the theory that simply ‘reading’ great prose will improve your own writing in the longrun. If you make a habit of reading articles by great writers on a daily basis, then you can only come to learn things from their styles. If you can manage to read a great novel a week, that can only help to further provoke a more colloquial style of your own making.

    Essentially, I just believe that if you constantly surround yourself with great prose, it can only come to have a positive effect. I am sure that my own writing has come on considerably in the past year, but I would struggle to attribute the improvement to any one particular event or occurrence. Of course, I have little doubt that practice has played a large part, but I am as certain as I can be that by wading through my daily list of op-eds, blogs, New Yorker feature essays and the like, I am constantly feeding my mind with ideas on how to become a better writer.

    Merry Christmas from England!

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