An update

Quite a bit has happened since my last post!

I’m a little more than halfway through my editing internship with The Kansas City Star’s sports desk. I’m enjoying it a lot, and it’s really helping me to hone my (dormant) design skills. It’s fun trying to outsmart the dastardly CCI program, which I think is a Trojan horse engineered by Denmark to topple the American economic system. I also bring cupcakes from time to time, which has endeared me to the local population.

My visa application is at the British consulate in the amazing city of Chicago, and I’m getting ready to register at Kent. The school’s been very helpful with everything and I can’t wait to get there. There are a lot of activities and societies that I’m interested in, I have a part-time job I’m going to apply for (teaching international relations to A Level students) and I find out where I’m living in amazing Woolf College in a couple of weeks. It’s crazy how much there is to do to get ready — student ID registration, enrollment, NHS registration, doctors’ appointments, train and plane schedules, grocery stores, etc. The logistics of it all are pretty daunting.

I did have a small tragedy this week. I had decided, a few weeks ago, that rather than get an entirely new laptop, I’d patch up the one I have and hold onto it for another year. Sadly, during its maintenance, the motherboard freaked out and my beloved PowerBook G4 has gone up to the big coffee shop in the sky. So this Sunday I’m going with my mother to the Apple store on the Plaza to pick out a new one. Rather than get a lower-end one that will be “good enough,” I’m biting the bullet and getting what I would have gotten if I’d just gone ahead and bought a new one to begin with (ironic, eh?). Basically, a 15.4″ MacBook Pro with a 320GB hard drive and a 2.4GHz processor. Oh, and a 32GB iPod Touch because of the college promotion. It’s also a tax holiday in Missouri this weekend. I’d be stupid not to get one.

So that’s about where I am now. I’m hoping to turn this more into a commentary and less of a play-by-play once the school year starts, but right now I’m mostly working and planning, planning and working.


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