Change your bookmarks for this blog

Hello hello! I have formally switched my domain registration to my new Web host, and as soon as my FTP business is taken care of, my new site should be up and running.

The home page for this blog will be If you have the blog bookmarked, change the link to the WordPress URL. Once my site goes up, that will be the new It’s in 404 error mode at the moment.

Apologies for any hiccups or confusion.

Because I’m really excited about the new site, I decided to go ahead and include a screenshot gallery. Hopefully this won’t jinx anything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Change your bookmarks for this blog

  1. Kelsey, really like the look of what you’re doing. Going through the whole “404Error’ myself currently but hey, it will be grate once sorted

    Good luck with everything

    Regards Pete

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